PUP, the World’s fastest connected scanner.
Scan, stock, share all of your documents in one click.



The alliance of design and technology at the service of innovation.

The next generation scanner.

In one click, scan, stock and share your documents and pictures in HD.


all-in- one button, no computer needed,


your framing always successful, thanks to the integrated lasers,


1 click per page,


1,000 pages stocked in your PUP’s integrated memory,

And, of course, connected !

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Discover the PUP universe.

An experience and performances far superior to your Smartphone’s.

Nearly 2 years of collaboration between engineers and designers were necessary to elaborate the PUP.

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    Smart LED
    perfect lighting whatever the environment,
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    complete lack of light halo,
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    independent background viewfinder assistance,
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    Sharpness control
    perfect network guaranteed in every shot,
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    immediate, easy handling,
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    Large formats from A3 to A8
    Scan any document format up to A3.
  • Monday, 11.10am

    On his business trip, Pierre, a consultant, uses the PUP to scan and safely store his clients' reports.

    Tuesday, 4.04pm

    At the library, Marie, a student, uses the PUP to scan and store the books that she needs to pass her exams, directly onto her computer.

    Wednesday, 2.35pm

    In a meeting, Renaud and Alexandre, architects, can now share their plans in a single click, thanks to the PUP.

    Thursday, 5pm

    At the end of the month, Guillaume, a CEO, uses the PUP to scan and send his bills to his account.

    Friday, 7.17pm

    Julie is at her piano lesson. Thanks to the PUP, she finally has an efficient solution to scan her sheet music and take it along with her anywhere she wants.

    Saturday, 3.43pm

    Martin immerses himself into fond memories. Thanks to the PUP, he can share them in just one click with all his friends.

    Sunday, 6pm

    On a weekend sleepover at his grandparents, Little Hugo easily uses the PUP to share all his drawings with his mommy.

    One week with PUP.

    PUP was created for your everyday life, and to answer all your needs in both your personal and professional lives.

    Mon bouton

    The pocket scanner is a huge time-saver.

     PUP Scan will change your life. 


    The crazy tech gadgets from James Bond are becoming a reality.

    To those who are drowning under the documents, take note: you are saved.

    You will always want  to have it with you.

    Choose your PUP

    The PUP is available in grey, blue or pink.

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