In one click, scan, store and share your documents and pictures in HD.

PUP was created for your everyday life and to fill your needs in your personal and professional life.

At home, I no longer waste a second.

In a few clicks, PUP allows you to save and share what matters to you : photos, souvenirs, sheet music, children’s drawings, warranty papers, etc. Don’t waste a single second ! PUP guarantees great quality scans every time thanks to a panel of help and automatic correction features, such as sharpness and reflection.

Smart LED

Perfect lighting, whatever the context.


Viewfinder assistance regardless of the background.

Sharpness control

A perfect finish guaranteed every single time.


Complete absence of any light halo.

At the office, I gain greater productivity.

In a few seconds, the PUP lets you digitize, save and secure easily all of your professional documents : bills of expenses, contracts, plans, etc. More than a simple scanner, The PUP guarantees documents that are immediately exploitable on your computer ! It includes smart features such as character recognition, page curbature correction and the extra-large format Mosaic feature.

Character recognition

OCR and easy import towards Word and Excel.

Mosaic feature

Automatic HD scanning process of extra-large formats (A2+)

Curbature correction

Generation of a 3D model for a curbature-free finish.

High level safety

Crypted transfer protocol.


The PUP’s pre-configurated case-scenarios allow you to save time
by automatizing the processing and sharing of your scans.

At any time, I am mobile and connected

Light (only 200g), and with a storage capacity of over 10,000 pages, your PUP fits in your pocket and can be used anywhere anytime ! Equipped with a WIFI connection, just click and choose where you want your documents stored and with whom you want to share them, all of it safely.

Integretated memory

More than 10,000 pages storage in the internal memory.


12h autonomy.

Sharing features

Share by email or on your Cloud and social media.


Detection and connection to wireless WIFI networks.