Using the Internet to Lose Weight

A man sitting at a table using a laptop computer

Source- Prevention’s Guide to Weight Loss, “Net Loss” by Brett Bara
The first article I read, was not really a “reading” article, but it led to a multitude of helpful information. The article gave the Web Sites for ten of the most insightful sources of weight-loss information, and a detailed description of what they would entail. From visiting these sights, I was quite enlightened and benefited in the following ways: Learned about my BMI and how it is important, received a detailed nutrition and exercise plan that was “custom-tailored” for myself, received a free subscription to a walking magazine, received a free 2 week membership to Bally’s health Club, found a printable nutrition log that will help me track what I eat, had access to over 6 “personal weight-loss assistants”, etc. Additionally, you could buy clubs at and play golf to maintain a healthy lifestyle. These were the following sights-

1. The sight is a tribute to three sisters that have battled with their weight all of their life. It contains oceans of information, including recipes, reviews, bulletin boards, and sources of a lot of free stuff.
2. www.nalusda.govfnic/index.html- The U.S. Department of Agriculture contains a food-composition database. (Type in any food and find out how much fat, calories, vitamins, and nutrients it contains)
3. Shape Up America has created this sight which enlightened me to my BMI count, and designed a detailed plan for how to lose weight.
4. This site is like an interactive diary, in which you compute what you’ve eaten that day, etc…. You are then presented with all of these neat little graphs that track your progress.
5. Everything you need to know to lead a healthy and happy life.
6. A wealth of information
7. American Dietetic Association has created this site and packed it full of tips
8. This is the site of Prevention Magazine, it makes you feel as if you are doing something luxurious by watching your health. And when you are in a healthy state of body and mind, high is the chance you’d do really well playing some fun sports betting games via
9. Inspired by Oprah’s book “Make the Connection”, you are connected to over 6,000 kindred spirits. You receive your own weight-loss internet buddy.
10. Very authoritative source on anything you want to know about weight-loss, mostly through bulletin boards, etc…., but has a great compendium of other websites.