Sports Guide For Your Venue

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Sports Guide simplifies the task of your staff and visitors by providing a single guide with all available games and their respective channels. With 가입머니 1만 no more fumbling with clunky guides on screen or flipping through newspaper.

Customized To your Location

You can easily find any game on any channel. No more fumbling through clunky on-screen TV guides or flipping through newspapers. Click on a game and select the channel and time. You can also highlight your favorite/preferred sports teams in 50+ sports to appear at the top of Guide in bold. This way, you will never miss an important game. You can view games for today, tomorrow or a full week in advance!

가입머니 1만

You can also choose your program providers so that you only see the channels available at your venue. We don’t just stop at professional sports – you can also see listings for international matches and PPV events, as well as Internet-only streams. And we make it easy for you to see just what games are available in your location, with a daily email link that’s custom-tailored to your venue and program providers.

You can also print your Guide in a convenient, easy-to-read format. It’s perfect for storing behind the bar or at your hostess desk, or anywhere else you switch stations often. You can use it to show your guests that you are serious about sports and you will find the games you want to watch. If you need to send it to someone on the move, don’t worry: we will email a new link every day. They won’t need to remember another login! It works on all devices, OS and browsers.

Customized For Your Staff

Sports Programs aren’t just about promoting your team’s season or upcoming game. They are also used to give your guests a glimpse into the team’s history and culture. These programs can either be printed to distribute to your fans, or sold to them at the stadium or in your bar/restaurant.

Don’t ever lose track of what games are on and when with a customized version of our popular Sports TV Guide for your business. Your guide can be printed and emailed to your daily. It works on any device or operating system. It’s great for helping you and your employees answer questions from guests, and it’s a must have for bars & restaurant that change their TV stations often.

Sports Guide, unlike the clunky television guides or newspapers on-screen, shows you what programs you have access to based on which providers you subscribe to. This way you don’t spend time looking at stuff you can’t see. You can filter by Sport or Time to see all the games up to one week in the future. You can also highlight your favorite/preferred teams, putting them at the top or in bold so they are easier to find.

Sports Guide has it all: pro sports, international matches, PPV, college and high school sports, obscure sports or even Internet streams. You can also type in the name of a particular team for a quick reference and filter out channels that you don’t wish to see. This is a great way to make the most of your sports programming.

Customized To Your Guests

Sports is a global business that generates billions of dollars in revenue through tickets, events and merchandise. Fans spend billions of dollars to watch their favourite athletes play. You can let guests know that you are serious about showing sports by using your customized Sports Guide.

Sports Guide presents every game that you can show on television in an easy to read format. No more fumbling with clunky TV guides on screen or flipping through newspaper. We list everything from major pro games to international matches, PPV events and Internet-only streams, college and high school games, obscure sports and more. Plus, you can highlight your favorite/preferred team across 50+ different sports so that they appear at top of the Guide and in bold.

You can also filter by Time or Sport and select a specific date range to see games that are on for tonight, tomorrow and up to a week in the future. You can choose to view the Guide in portrait or with a sidebar showing all of the channels that you have access to. Your Guide is also available on all devices and operating systems including the phones and tablets of your staff.

No need to memorize a password. Each day, a link to the Guide you created is sent to you and to your staff. You can embed the Guide on your site or use it for your sports leagues, events and tournaments. Show your guests that you’re serious about showing their games with a customizable and mobile-friendly Sports Guide.

Customized To Your Website

The sports industry is an enormous global business. Each year, millions of dollars are invested in sporting events, teams and equipment. Sports is a worldwide phenomenon. With the right site, you can bring stadium excitement to your audience. The key to success is providing relevant and engaging content, leveraging social media, and optimizing your website for search engines. Our selection of professional WordPress themes for sports allows you to create a website that’s both visually appealing and fully-functional.

Customize your site by adding essential features, such as widgets with fixtures and results, calendars of events, player profiles, and multimedia support. These features will increase your users’ engagement and help you connect with them on a deeper basis. You can add monetization opportunities such as advertising and premium memberships. Once you’ve built a solid base, it’s now time to optimize the website for search engine results. This can be achieved by incorporating relevant keyword phrases and making regular updates to increase your visibility.

With the SportsTV Guide, you can get all of the games your guests want to see in a single easy-to-read format. Your Guide is tailored to your location and the program providers. You can even highlight or filter teams that aren’t available at your restaurant or bar.