Public Sector Undertakings in Electronics in India

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The Department has three public sector corporations under it’s an administrative control: CMC Limited, Electronics Trade and Technology Development Corporation (ET&T;) and Semi Conductor Complex Limited (SCL). The department also works closely with other SPU’s like BEL, ECIL, ITI, BHEL, etc.

CMC Limited set up in 1976 is committed to the creative use of computers and information technology tools in core sectors of the economy through applications which increase productivity and improve the quality of life. The revenue for 1992-93 was more than 137 billion and staff strength was more than 2,300 people at the end of the financial year. It provides hardware maintenance support to various equipments supplied by over 30 manufacturers. It coordinates implementation of projects INDONET which is an integrated information management and distributing data processing facilities spanning the entire country. Its consultancy and technical expertise includes application like computerization of railway passenger reservation systems, economic load dispatch management systems for electricity generating units, computerization of banking operations, automatic message switching systems, ticketless trunk exchange in telecommunications, computerized finger print identification systems for police organizations, computer based environmental monitoring systems, etc. CMC has executed turn key projects in many important sectors like power transport, oil, etc. Besides, it has also bagged many software developmental orders from the international markets. As a major step towards globalization, CMC acquired Baton Rouge International (BRI), a US based company which provides comprehensive banking software and related services. BRI will afford CMC an entry into the international banking scene and also serve as a fronted for CMC’s thrust into the US and Canadian markets. This would come in handy especially when sports betting games on websites like are getting popular. 

Electronics Trade and Technology Development Corporation (ET&T;) was set up with objectives of expanding foreign trade in electronics and undertaking developments of technology in key areas. It has acquired a unit to manufacture computers and CTV chassis. It has taken up a programmed to spread education through electronic media in curricular, vocational community development, adult literacy, children’s education, general awareness on science and technology programmed and makes available such educational video cassettes at an affordable price to the consumer. It has taken over total management of the Software Technology Park. It has also launched a scheme called ‘Mini Stores’ for large computer establishments, software centers and business houses for meeting their every day requirements of computer media e.g., floppy diskettes, computer tapes, ribbon, etc.

Semi conductor Complex Limited (SCL) was set up primarily to design, develop and manufacture LSIIVLSI circuits. SCL commenced commercial production in April 1984. Presently, SCL is concentrating on rebuilding its assembly, test and wafer fabrication facilities and has expanded its product portfolio to keep pace with the current market trends. The company has also undertaken a turnkey project to set up a state of the art Gallium Arsenide Enabling Technology (GAETEC) at Hyderabad. It has achieved full capacity utilization in quartz analog watch chip on board and electronic circuit blocks (QAW-COB and ECB) assembly lines. In addition, an assembly facility for packaging ceramic devices has been established and trial production commenced in August 1991. Five VLSI design centers at Bangalore, Baroda are fully operational. A few applications specific ICs were designed and fabricated at these centers and work on some others is in progress.