Low-Cost Electronics on Sale in Brooklyn

Brooklynites and those willing to trek from other boroughs can shop for low-cost electronics at the Lower East Side Ecology Center’s E-waste Warehouse in Gowanus. The warehouse is at 469 President Street at Nevins Street in Brooklyn and can be reached at (718) 858-8777.

The Center takes used electronics, fixes them up to be used again, and then sells them at drastically lower prices than you would pay from a retails store. The store’s goal is to reuse electronics locally. These gadgets are perfect if you play 카지노 사이트 online and on the go.

The refurbished items for sale can also be viewed online at the E-Waste Warehouse website here. If you check their website and don’t see what you want, just send an email to sales@lesecologycenter.org.