Natural Sapphire Ring

Sapphire rings can be stunning in classic or vintage designs. They are also a beautiful centerpiece for nature-inspired styles. Small diamonds are often included in sapphire engagement rings, either as a halo or scattered down the band.

Look for a rich, saturated blue. A Natural Sapphire Ring is naturally durable and can easily withstand daily wear.

Peach Sapphire Engagement Ring

Peach sapphires are a great option for those who want a unique engagement ring. These gorgeous sapphires have a beautiful pinkish-orange hue that sparkles in all types of light. They are also an excellent alternative to diamonds, and look stunning when paired up with gemstones such as morganite or Aquamarine.

Natural Sapphire Ring

Our peach sapphires come in a variety of shapes and sizes so that you can find the perfect ring for your loved one. Whether you are looking for a classic solitaire or a more elaborate vintage inspired design, we can help you create the ring of your dreams.

This natural unheated 1.03 carat peach sapphire ring features a stunning antique inspired floral mount and a scalloped diamond band for a complete and elegant look. This beautiful ring will be made to order, so please allow 4 weeks for production.

Peach Sapphires have a long lasting durability and look stunning with any skin tone. These stones are a beautiful way to show your love for someone.

Lab grown Chatham Champagne Sapphires feature a soft feminine blush color that is similar to pink morganite and suits all skin tones. These stunning sapphires come in a variety of shapes and weights.

Peach sapphires, like many of our sapphire rings are made as wedfit styles that accommodate your wedding band. Wedfit rings have been designed to ensure that the wedding band and engagement ring fit together seamlessly without gaps or overlaps. This is achieved by using a custom setting and mounting to ensure that the gemstone sits flush with the ring’s base. Wedfit styles also work well if your inspiration is a vintage ring or an estate ring.

Green Sapphire Engagement Ring

Green sapphires can be a beautiful alternative for a diamond engagement band. These gemstones are available in a variety of colors, ranging from a vibrant yellowy-green through to sage green and light mint. These gemstones are often characterized by a unique phenomenon called pleochroism. This causes them display different colors depending upon the angle they are viewed at. This unique quality makes green sapphires an excellent choice for engagement ring styles, especially vintage-style rings.

This natural, unheated green sapphire pear-shaped ring has a claw setting which lets the 2.48 carat gem shine. The ring’s classic design is crafted from 14k white gold to give it a timeless feminine look. The diamond accents are a beautiful finishing touch.

Sapphires are the second hardest natural substance after diamonds, making them a durable option for everyday wear. Sapphires are durable and make a great choice for engagement rings that will be handled and worn frequently.

Sapphires are not only known for the beauty and strength of their sapphires, but also their deep symbolism. In many cultures, sapphires are considered protective and to promote wisdom, peace and inner calm. These powerful qualities make green sapphires an ideal symbol of love for those who prefer a more earthy alternative to the traditional diamond engagement ring.

Green sapphires look great with any style of engagement ring, whether it’s a classic round or oval cut, or a modern and contemporary design. They are particularly attractive in a halo setting, where they highlight the beauty of smaller diamonds surrounding them. The halo effect is also a great way to draw attention to smaller rings, which are perfect for those with small hands.

Midnight Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

Consider a sapphire ring if you and your partner both share a passion for deep symbolism and dark beauty. They are also durable and affordable. This gemstone offers a wide range of options when it comes colors, cuts, and settings. It is a great choice for creating a unique design that reflects the love you share.

Blue Sapphire rings are a great alternative to diamonds, offering the same color, durability and symbolic significance but at a fraction of the price. Choose a blue-sapphire engagement ring with a center stone that is the exact color and size you desire or browse our range of styles to highlight this stunning gem.

Sapphires come in a variety of colors – from the classic blue to vibrant pink or yellow. Blue is the most common color for an engagement ring. Choose a sapphire with a color that is similar to your partner’s or a ring in a deeper shade of blue for a striking look.

If you want a truly flawless sapphire, search for a sapphire with a certificate of authenticity from a reputable jeweler that can provide a gem grading report at your request. This will ensure that the ring is genuine and not treated. If ethical sourcing is a priority for you, then look for sapphires mined responsibly and sustainably.

Organic Triangle Engagement Ring

Sapphires are classic gemstones for engagement rings and they go beautifully with white gold. This ring features a natural blue sapphire with sparkling white diamonds scattered organically for an elegant look. This stunning ring would be perfect for an engagement ring, or as a gift to celebrate your 16th wedding anniversary, or sapphire anniversary.

In ancient times the sapphire was a symbol of wisdom, loyalty, and sincerity, making it an excellent choice for engagement rings. Today, this precious stone is a symbol of peace, strength and love. It’s also the birthstone for September, making it an excellent choice for a birthday gift for someone born in that month.

Sapphires are not only a beautiful alternative for diamonds, but they also come in many colors other than the traditional blue. There are a variety of sapphire colours to choose from, including pinks. purples, yellows, and greens. This allows for creative and unique ring designs that are sure to capture the eye of your love.

Side diamonds are another popular option when it comes to sapphire engagement rings. These can be in the form of a halo, a cluster or down the band and provide a brilliant contrast to the vivid color of the sapphire center stone. EraGem’s range of sapphire rings includes a variety to suit all tastes.

Minimalist Engagement Ring

A minimalist engagement ring will suit the bride who isn’t interested in elaborate designs or large halos. Clean lines and understated sophistication are the hallmarks of minimalist rings, which focus on the beauty of the center stone. The best part of minimalist jewellery is it will never be out of fashion and can either be worn alone or stacked together with more extravagant items.

If you’re looking to purchase a minimalist diamond engagement ring, make sure to choose a stone of high quality that is well-cut to maximize its brilliance. It’s also important to find a diamond with a high clarity. That means that it has very few inclusions or flaws.

A simple solitaire is one of the most popular minimalist options for engagement rings. This allows the diamond to be the star of the show, and looks stunning when paired up with a plain wedding ring. You can choose a halo that is more decorative, but keeps the diamond simple.

There are several diamond cuts which are considered minimalistic. These include princess, round, marquise, emerald, and emerald. Some people choose a diamond in a shape that is more unusual, such as an oval-shaped or pear shaped diamond. This will add a unique touch to your ring and make it more memorable.

Different stones can be used to create minimalist engagement rings, such as sapphires and an opal. It is important to choose a gemstone that fits your personality and tastes. You can also find dainty rings that have slimline band profiles and petite settings, which are perfect for those who like a more understated look.