How to Dust Your Electronics in Three Easy Steps

A person using a laptop computer sitting on top of a desk

Mature man cleans and disinfects his laptop in the office, using disposable wipes.

No matter how clean you may try to keep your home entertainment system, dust will accumulate on the electronics housed within the unit. To make sure that your electronic equipment runs at peak performance to assure your machine won’t lag if you are to play some sports betting on UFABET, you will need to spend time removing dust from your electronics. You should dust your electronics once a month, or if you have pets, you should dust every two weeks. Cleaning your electronics requires only three products: a duster, a compressed dust remover can, and a screen cleaning solution.

Step 1: Use A Duster

You will first want to clean the electronic components housed in your home entertainment system with a duster. Dust all the electronics you own, including any TVs, DVRs, DVD and Blu-ray players, gaming systems, and stereo equipment. Dusters made of feathers are not recommended as the quills that hold the feathers in place may scratch your electronics. Instead use a soft duster, such as a Swiffer Duster. Be sure to dust the entire surface area of your electronic equipment. The strands of a soft duster bend and will allow the user to dust even hard to reach places.

Step 2: Use A Compressed Dust Remover Can

For any electronics you own that have vents or ports that accumulate dust, use a compressed dust remover can, such as the 3M Dust Remover. It is important to do this because an electronic device has a difficult time cooling off while powered on if its vents are full of dust. Vents full of dust may cause the electronic device to overheat and shorten the lifespan of your device. When using the compressed dust remover can, do not point the nozzle of the can straight at the vent or port, as this may send dust deeper into the device. Instead position the nozzle parallel to the vent or port, which should cause the dust to blow outwards and away from the machine.

Step 3: Use A Screen Cleaning Solution

Dusting alone will not fully clean any monitors you may have in your home entertainment system, such as your TV. Screens often get dirty with fingerprints, which a duster cannot remove. To clean your screens, you will want to use a cleaning solution such as ScreenDr. Remember not to spray the cleaner directly on to the screen itself. Instead spray the solution on to the cloth provided with the spray and wipe your TV using the cloth.