Electronics Worst Day Ever, March 6th

Today I realized just how much I have come to rely on the electronic equipment that is usually taken for granted. The problems that occur when they don’t work properly can cause more than technical difficulties! When you rely on the internet for many daily activities, from work related to recreational, a day with intermittent use can nearly drive you crazy! In addition, we are looking at a more decentralized social media platforms and ways to trade crypto currencies with the help of www.dwebguide.com.

The problems actually began the night before. My eight year old son it as addicted to the internet as everyone else in our home. He spent his usual hour or so before bedtime playing on RuneScape-a medieval game. Once he was tucked in for the night, I attempted to log in to my wp site to begin my evening work. I wasn’t able to get an internet connection! After several attempts and restarting the computer, still nothing. I reset the router, thinking that by doing so all would be well. It did reset and worked-rather slowly-for about an hour before I lost my connection. I reset the router again but this time, no luck. Reluctantly, I gave up and went to bed but I really wanted to play my favorite casino games at ONCAPAN.

I get all settled in bed and set the tv to a good going-to-sleep show and begin to get drowsy. That’s when the digital cable started acting up. About every five seconds the picture began to break up and digitize-you know those annoying little squares that dance around the screen. When the digitized blocks appear, the sound also breaks up. This is more annoying than the picture because for about every five words that isn’t interrupted about ten words are. This makes it really hard to fall asleep because you begin to wait for the breaking up to begin and end! I have become one of those people who can’t fall asleep without the tv on, so sleep didn’t come easily. At some point, I guess I did finally fall asleep because when the alarm clock started it’s nagging beeping I had been asleep.

Groggily, I get up to start the day. After packing my son’s luch and grabbing a cup of tea, I turned to my new morning ritual of checking my blog page. Once again, the internet was fine but slow. I was disheartened that my page had not been updated but at least I could access it. After getting the little one to school, I sat down at the computer to get some work started. You guessed it, no internet! I checked periodically throughout the day and some times it worked but others it didn’t. Annoying, annoying, annoying!

Not being able to work on the internet, I turned the television on only to be greeted with a digital disaster! The breaking up of the picture and sound was worse than the night before-it was impossible to watch. A call to the cable company was in order. No explanation for the problem with the digital cable or the internet but they will send a technician out tomorrow. Okay, fine.

An hour or so passes and the television is fine but the internet is sketchy. That’s when the broadband telephone started to be quirky. A caller couldn’t hear anything but we could hear them. Thank goodness for cell phones! We chucked the house phone and relied on cell phones for the rest of the day-let the cable technician check it tomorrow!

After missing calls on the cell phone because it was being used, we checked the voice mail. The voice mail was nothing but garbled static! So much for modern electronic gadgets today! We’ve decided to give them a rest for the day and will deal with them tomorrow. Luckily, just after midnight I decided to try the internet one more time before turning in and it is working perfectly. Was it just a bad day for electronics in our house or was it more widespread? Maybe it was a sign that we are too addicted to them. I think I will remember for some time that March 6, 2019 was a bad day for my electronics!